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Heat Strengthened Glass

Heat Strengthened Glass is essentially annealed glass that has undergone controlled thermal treatment to increase its basic strength. The process of heat strengthening is very much similar to that of tempering, however the level of surface compression is lower.

Why use Heat-Strengthened Glass

As the name suggest, heat-strengthened glass is able to withstand temperature of up to 295ºC. Heat-strengthened glass is about two times stronger than annealed glass of similar thickness and configuration. Heat-strengthened glass breaks in a manner similar to that of annealed glass. The fragments tend to remain in sashes, allowing the glass to remain in the frame.

Uses of Heat-Strengthened Glass

Heat-strengthened glass is largely used where resistance to wind pressure is high and where thermal cracking is anticipated.

Common Uses of Heat-Strengthened Glass

• High-rise buildings

• Facades of building

• Spandrel Glass


• Curtain walls

• Shop fronts

• Windows

• Balustrades



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